Enhancing Quality Of Life

A global consumer wellness eco-system

Sisram Medical Ltd. (1696. HK) was established in 2013 after the acquisition of Alma, a global leader in the energy-based medical aesthetics devices market.


Sisram, a part of Fosun Pharma Med-Tech group, is leveraging its diverse portfolio and strong global presence across more than 100 countries worldwide, to create an integrated consumer-focused ecosystem that will redefine the wellness space, pursuing its vision to become a global wellness consumer brand.


Sisram’s goal reaches far beyond developing medical grade wellness solutions – we aim to enhance the overall quality of consumers daily life, delivering real value within the greater wellness domain.


Our multi-layered strategy enables us to cross-market our offerings, providing our business partners, professional customers and consumers with a wide variety of solutions across multiple brands. Each Sisram brand is an independent business line, synergistically engaged with sibling brands to empower meaningful relationship for all stakeholders.


sisram's stamp

Each Sisram brand bears the Sisram stamp of Medical Grade Wellness, representing years of expertise, knowledge and commitment to the highest standards of quality and connects all of the group’s brands under the same medical heritage umbrella.

  • Global Presence

    Global Presence

    Strengthen our distribution channels and direct operations

  • Wellness


    Broadening our reach into adjacent domains of wellness & creating a medical grade wellness brand

  • Consumer Focus

    Consumer Focus

    Actively targeting the end-user with a unique multi-channel approach and commitment to quality

  • Our Brand

    Our Brand

    Successfully translating our vision & strategy into a tangible and recognizable consumer brand